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Animation Framework

Easily add predefined or custom animations to any block. Choose between regular, on scroll or GSAP js.

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Improved Mobile optimized layouts and special Mobile responsive options to make different look for gadgets

Area variants

Choose predefined patterns, headers, footers, single page styles, core block styles, presets and colors.

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Theme uses special conditional asset loading. it means that all styles and scripts are generated on fly.

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We can analyze your needs and give a customized answer completely free of charge, a quote is made for a tailored solution for your special web space


What is Update Service?

for your needs to give up-to-date content to your customers and stakeholders, we provide a service for uploading content and sending communications to your mailing lists


What is SEO optimization?

All those activities aimed at improving the crawling, indexing and ranking of a piece of information or content on a Web site, by search engines in order to improve its placement on the results page

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